The Islamic University Award for research and graduate thesis dissertations

Objectives of the Award:
1) To support and encourage graduate students at the Islamic University to conduct research that contribute to the development of outstanding science and community development.
2) To spread the culture of scientific research among the students of the Islamic University.
Types of the award:
1) This award is given on an annual basis, two awards are given for each university department which is concerned about undergraduate studies

2) An annual award is given to the best master thesis dissertation in each academic specialty.

Applications conditions:
1) The candidate has to be a student in the Islamic University.
2) The submitted research has to be a distinguished scientific research and adopt proper research methodologies.
Application procedures for the Award:
1) Applications for the award can be submitted in September of each year once the  university starts issuing the advertisement for the university graduation research productions that were completed in the first and second semesters of the previous summer.
2) The supervisor should nominate the research of his graduated students and explain the reasons for his nomination and the most important results of the nominated research.
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