University Research Grant

The university research grant, which was introduced in 2002, comes as part of the efforts made by the scientific research affairs faculty to enhance the quality of research practices among faculty members to support the cultural role of the university as an incubator for outstanding scientific research , and to expand the scope of its participation and impact on the environment and the Palestinian community . It also aims to encourage creativity and innovation in scientific research to contribute to sharing knowledge, facilitate scientific and intellectual development, and provide solutions to the various problems of the community.
The grant application conditions:

1. The researcher has to be a faculty member of the Islamic University, the university students or graduates should be assigned tasks in the research .
2. Scientific research affairs faculty encourages joint research .
3. Priority is given to those who have never been awarded a grant in previous years .
4. The grant may not be fully or partially used to cover travel expenses or buy special equipment .
5. Gant applicants should not apply to the research teams grant as principal researchers.
6. The researcher should not be involved in more than one research project or two joint research productions.
7. The research has to be authentic and void of any plagiarized contents taken from a previously completed master's thesis or a recently submitted graduation thesis or in a dissertation thesis that is still the final stages of completion.

 Responsibilities and obligations of the researcher
The responsibilities and obligations of the researcher are defined according to the following factors:

1 . The researcher's commitment to the implementation of the project based on the approved research project.
2 . Deliver a semi-annual report reflecting the progress of the project as per the scientific research format.
3 . Deliver a final report in accordance as per the scientific research format.
4 . Disseminate the completed research at a conference or scientific journals ; and highlight the contribution of the faculty of scientific research affairs in the Islamic University;

5. In case of the researcher's inability to publish the research,  he/she will have to meet the following requirements and send them to the scientific research affairs faculty:
a. Copies of the exchanged correspondence letters in regard to the publication process.
b. An electronic copy of the accomplished research
c. Three hard copies of the accomplished research
 For more information about the grant in 2012-2013, please click on the link.