Definition of the journal : the Islamic university journal for Islamic studies is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed and periodical journal which is issued by a professional and independent editorial that falls under the supervision of the scientific research affairs in the Islamic university of Gaza . The journal seeks to publish original research in Islamic sciences in Arabic and English including the research productions of researchers within and  outside the university which have never been published before, the research productions have to reflect the opinions of the authors and their findings only and do not publish any contents that are explicitly or implicitly inconsistent with the philosophy of the Islamic university and the values ​​of the Palestinian people.
Instructions for the researchers:
1 - The research has to be characterized by originality, scientific value and knowledge and flawless and accurate language.
2 – The research should not be part of any previous published research, and the researcher has to submit a written acknowledgment that the research has never been published or sent for publication in another journal.
3 - If the research is an offprint, an electronic copy of the thesis dissertation CD should be attached

4 - The number of pages should not exceed (30) pages, including graphs, tables, images and references, while annexes and research tools are inserted after the list of references, though annexes are not usually published but rather inserted only for the purpose of arbitration.
5 – No indication shall be given regarding the name of the researcher or any reference whatsoever in the research, so as to ensure the confidentiality of the arbitration process .
6 - The researcher has to fill out a request for posting publications on the scientific research webpage, he has to be committed to full accuracy when filling the request.
7 – The research includes two research abstracts, one in Arabic and another in English, provided that each of them does not exceed 150 words, the research title has to be written in English, and the research abstract and title should not be translated literally

Formatting the research:
- Paper: size (A4) dimensions (21 x 29) cm .
- Margins : 5 cm header and footer, and 4 cm to the left and right sides .
- The spacing between the lines: single
- Fonts: MS Word (Word 2007) of the operating system (Windows) as follows :
• Arabic language : Simplified Arabic, font size 14 bold for the headings, 13 bold for the sub- headings, 12 normal for the rest of the text, tables, and page numbering.
• English : Times New Roman, font size 14 bold for the headings, 13 bold for the sub- headings, 12 normal for the rest of the text, tables, and page numbering .

- Referencing method:
Quranic verse: It has to be cited in the text by the name of the Sura only followed by a colon: then the number of the verse [Al A'raf: 2] .
Hadith: It should be referred to in the text only by the name of the book followed by a space followed by a slash, then page number and a colon : the number of hadith, if any. [Sahih Al-Bukhari 1/53: 234]
Other sources are referred to in the text within by mentioning the given name of the researcher, date of publication and the number of the page in brackets.

For instance: (Al Nouri, 1989: 157), the research productions which have a special nature are an exception to these instructions (unlike other references) are appended at the end of the page


- The list of sources and references are alphabetically ordered at the end of the research are as follows:
The given name of the author ; first name , date of the publication in parentheses , colon , name of the book, number of the parts , name of the linguistic checker or translator , or the number of edition , publishing house , place of publication, the part and page number.
Example : Ibn Khalkan ; Shams Al-Din Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ( 1968) : Deaths of the noble people and the people in this age, part 8 , checked by Ehsan Abbas , the first edition , Dar Al Thakafa, Beirut , "P 5",  18 .

Clough R.W, and Penzie, J. (1975): Dynamics of Structure. McGrow-Hill, Inc, New York, P422.
(B ) Articles : the given name of the author of the article; first name , year : the name of the article, the name of the periodical, the publisher , place of publication, and the page number.
Example : Al Nouri ; Mohammed Jawad : (1989) : Acoustic Phonetics, An-Najah National University Research Journal, Nablus, V.4, P. 157 .

Kohorn, El (1967): An evaluation of Ultrasonic fetal Cephalmtry. Am. J. obstet Gynecol. V.37, P.142-149.
if the reference is an electronic material on the world web, then it is referred to as follows:


The title of the electronic material followed by a colon : then the web address. For example:

Publication procedures:

- The author in the Gaza Strip has to submit a request for publication in the Islamic university journal attached to three hard copies of the research and an electronic CD version along with the receipt voucher indicating the payment of the arbitration charges to the following address :
The Islamic university - Gaza – Al Remal - Jamal Abdel Nasser Street
 E-mail :
Telephone: 2860700 ext: 1143

- The author shall pay $60 arbitration charge to the financial department in the Islamic university by a bank transfer to the bank account of the Islamic University of Gaza - Bank of Palestine - account number 110028.
- The author who is based outside the Gaza Strip can submit a request for publication along with an electronic copy of the research and arbitration charges to the Liaison Office in Amman on the following address :
Al Jubeiha - Queen Rania Street (known earlier as the University of Jordan ) opposite Majdi Mall
Phone: +00962 6 534 62 03
Fax : +00962 6 533 52 03
E-mail :
E-mail :
- All kinds of research sent to the journal are initially reviewed by the editorial board of the journal in order to determine the eligibility of the research for arbitration, the editorial board has the discretionary power to apologize for not accepting research without stating the reasons.
- The arbitration fee is refunded in case of rejecting the research by the editorial staff , while fees shall not be refunded in case a request has been made to withdraw the research.
- The submitted research productions are subject to arbitration , and the author of the research shall be notified about accepting his research or any other comments, the rejected research productions shall not be returned to their original owners along with stating the reasons for such rejection.
- The researcher may be given a copy of the Islamic university journal which includes the published research in addition to the traditional 10 paper offprints.
- The manuscripts submitted for publication reflect the views of their authors, and the authors shall take full responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the information and conclusions .
- All the rights are reserved to the publisher (Islamic University) , when the research is accepted for publication, the ownership of the copyright shall be automatically transferred to the journal.
- The published manuscripts are subject to technical considerations that are not related to the status of the researcher or the value of his work .
- Sticking to these instructions shall ensure speedy accomplishment and fulfillment of the best interest of the researcher, however failure to abide by these instructions shall lead to delaying publication of the research until all the requirements are fully met.