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Discuss ways of joint cooperation between the Research and Graduate Affairs and Qatar Charity

  • 03/25/2014



The Research and Graduate Affairs at the Islamic University of Gaza was held a meeting with Qatar Charity to discuss the prospects of joint cooperation between the two sides in support of scientific research.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Musa Shabat - Vice-President of the Islamic University for the Research and Graduate Affairs, emphasized on the importance of scientific research in addressing the issues and problems facing Palestinian society.

In addition, Prof. Shabat pointed to the role of scientific research in IUG in identifying research priorities of the Palestinian society, which represents the most important needs of the Palestinian society.

For his part, Eng. Mohammed Abu Halloub - Deputy Director of Qatar Charity office in the Gaza Strip, pointed to the role of Qatar Charity in support of all sectors in Palestine, including concrete scientific research. Furthermore, Eng. Abu Halloub pointed to Qatar Charity orientation to  monitor the fields of research, and to identify research topics that touches and addressing the problems of society.

Prof. Shabat expressed his satisfaction towards cooperation with Research and Graduate Affairs at IUG and Qatar Charity, especially with regard to the support and funding of scientific research.