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Sultana N.Nahar and Alburuj R. Rahman Prizes for STEM

  • 12/07/2015

In recognition of the best teaching in class and outstanding research publications by the Muslim faculty members and achievement of academic excellence and research by Muslim students, annual Sultana N. Nahar  faculty and Alburuj R. Rahman student prizes have been introduced at Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) to start in 2016.

The prize aims at motivating Muslims teachers for the best teaching in class and outstanding research publications and encouraging Muslim students to academic and research excellence in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The prizes are sponsored by Dr.Sultana N.Nahar (Ohio State University) from her personal income.

Nomination of this prize for a faculty member will have 70% weight from students assessments administrated at IUG. Points will be counted from the IUG assessment forms filled out by the undergraduate and postgraduate students. 10% will be decided by the prize committee overseeing the procedure. 10% will come from the Dean of the college. The recommendation of the sponsor, Dr. Sultana N. Nahar or her representative will carry 10% to the nomination.   In absence of the sponsor or her representative, the 10% will be added to the students top choice.

Each prize consists of a certificate and prize money.

The eight prizes are:

1. Sultana. N. Nahar Prizes for Distinction in Biology/Mathematics/Physics
Research for faculty (3 prizes)

2. Alburuj R. Rahman Prizes for the best B.Sc. graduating students in Biology/Mathematics/Physics (3 prizes)

3. Sultana. N. Nahar Prize for Distinction in Physics Teaching (1 prize)

4. Alburuj R. Rahman Prize for the best M. Sc. graduating student in Physics: (1 prize)