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e-Bug Confirms Prof. Elmanama a Partner

  • 12/06/2015

e-Bug, operated by Public Health England, confirmed that Prof. Abdelraouf Elmanama, IUG vice president for scientific affairs, has been appointed as an e-bug partner and is responsible for promoting the e-bug resources in Palestine.


e-bug is an educational resource for junior and senior schools which teaches about microbes and the spread, prevention and treatment of infection. Resources include lesson plans, activities and student worksheets. The e-bug team work with partners in 28 countries to promote key hygiene, infection prevention and antibiotic messages to children across the world.


Prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama holds a Ph. D degree in microbiology from Ain-Shams-Alaqsa joint program (2004), M.Sc. in microbiology from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines (1993) and B.Sc. Medical Technology from Southwestern University, Philippines (1990).

Currently, he is the IUG vice president for Research Affairs, working as a lecturer of general, diagnostic and environmental microbiology at the Medical Technology Departments of the Islamic University-Gaza and a part time lecturer of Medical Microbiology at Al-Azhar college of Medicine and IUG.


He  was appointed by the British council as a credited trainer in food microbiology and HACCP system. He also conducted several training courses and workshops in the field of medical, food and water microbiology. He was appointed for several committees within the university and in the local government health departments. Main research interests include seawater pollution, antibiotic resistance, ethnobotany, drinking and wastewater.