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IUG Holds Horizon 2020 Info Day

  • 12/05/2015

Supported by and in cooperation with MERD, Research and graduate Affairs at IUG held ‘Horizon 2020 Info Day’  during which many European experts participated. The event was held inside the University. It was meant to introduce the program and to help the researchers learn how to write proposals for the program which is considered to be the biggest of its sort worldwide. The program supports scientific research and innovation at a budget of more than 70 billion dollars set aside by the EU.

The Middle East Research and Innovation Dialogue (MERID) project is funded by Horizon 2020 in partnership  with more than 13 European and Middle East countries as partners in partnership with the Islamic University of Gaza and EMUNI as the project coordinator.

The Info Day included,Prof. Mohammed Shabat Coordinator of MERID in Palestine, and participated by experts through video conference such as Dr. Abdulhamid Al Zuhari, EMUNI President; Mr. Raniero Chelli, SOPHIA R&I President; Mr. Dejan Hribar, EMUNI External Affairs; and Dr. Mustafa Jarar, Birzeit University. The attendants were academics and officials from IUG and other universities.

The Info Day highlighted the introduction and explanation of ‘Middle East Research and Innovation Dialogue’ project and Horizon 2020 , the way to write proposals and how to apply, how the goals of proposals must meet the description of each topic, the importance of recruiting related experts in the research team, distribution of related pamphlets such as the application for Horizon 2020 (whether that of Coordination and Support Action, Research and Innovation Action, or Innovation Action), and the standards of assessment the juries will use to evaluate the Horizon 2020 applications.