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Scientific research and postgraduate affairs is progressing the preparations for the first week of scientific research

  • 03/07/2016

Prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama -Vic President of the IUG for scientific research and postgraduate affairs reported that the scientific research affairs will hold the first week of scientific research in the period from (16 - 19 /April/ 2016).

Prof. Elmanama added, the scientific week held at the  IUG aims at promoting the  concepts of sober   scientific research in Palestine, supporting the Palestinian researchers and entrepreneurs, particularly the Gazans,  with the  scientific and research activities. He also explained that the week will provide a model of a special research, scientific and applied activities for the IUG colleges, researchers and entrepreneurs in the Gaza Strip.  Pointing out to the week final models, Prof. Elmanama said that they would be developed by the Palestinian private sector to look like applicable research products.

Wesam ashour, assistant of vice president for the scientific research, and the chief of the Preparatory Commission, mentioned that the first week of scientific research involves number of scientific activities, study days, and specialized workshops overseen by the university colleges. Dr. Ashour indicated that these activities enhance the relationship between scientific research and community institutions, and encourage social partnership that support the scientific research in Palestine.

The scientific week, indeed, will include an exhibition of the most important applied projects, research publications and models of Palestinian institutions and companies from the private sector. Moreover, it will imply honoring spaces for the best researcher and the best scientific research among the academics, students, and entrepreneurs at the IUG, and the best research project participated in the exhibition as well as the IUG academics who have scientific promotion will be honored.