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Announcing the results of the second Project of Supporting Applied Scientific Researches for postgraduate students at IUG

  • 09/05/2016

Announcing the results of the second Project of Supporting Applied Scientific Researches for postgraduate students at IUG

In cooperation with the InterPal institution, the Research and Postgraduate Affairs at IUG announced the names of the winners in the second round of research grants from the Project of Supporting Applied Scientific Researches for graduate students at IUG. Prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama, vice president of the Research and Postgraduate Affairs, thanked Interpal for its continuous efforts in supporting students in Palestinian universities. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the this project in supporting and encouraging  distinguished researches in the field of applied sciencew and their goal to contribute to the solving problems in the Palestinian community.

 Prof. Wesam Ashour, Assistant Vice President for the Research and Postgraduate Affairs, pointed that the second round of the project yielded eleven winning research projects of postgraduate students at IUG in the fields of science, engineering and information technology. Moreover, he mentioned that the number of students who applied for this grant in the second round reached twenty nine students. Prof. Ashour stressed that the research grant winners' selection process was supervised by a number of evaluators from various colleges in the University. In addition, the grant winners were interviewed.

The winners came as following: Walaa Safi for her project “Identification  and specification of new anti-cancer compounds from Nettle leafs”, the student Mahmoud Alhindi for his project “Isolation, genetic diagnosis and laboratory evaluation of pathogenic fungus that affects insects such as Beauveria sp and  Metarihizium sp and using them against the Red Palm Weevil insect”, the student Noor Ramadan for her project: "Identification  and specification of new chemical drugs to treat breast cancer", the student Fadi Haddad for his project “Asphalt evaluation using rubber”, student Iman Elbalawi for her project “ The influence of Mycorrhizae  Glomus mosseae and Glomusintraradices on the strawberry plant  in salinity stress relief ”, Bushra SheikhEid for her project :" Biotic activity  of the extracts of Green Algae found in Gaza’s seashore, Palestine”, the student Khalil Salim for his project: "Using VR technology to improve drug dispensing using Microsoft Hololens glasses," student Saddam Karmoot on his draft "Using the ash as a structural material," student Dalal Hashim for her project: "Effects of adding layers of nanoparticles on the performance of solar cells catalyzed by using eosin and its derivatives," student Bilal Shbair for his project: “ Deduction of the institutions' performance indicators on bulk data platforms (Big Data) using self organization map algorithm", student Salman Mansour for his project: "Designing a multiple frequency bands system to harvest all the radio waves".


(10) Research projects were funded on the first round of the project.