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Launch of the Cancer Research Chair at the Islamic University

  • 09/05/2016

Launch of the Cancer Research Chair at the Islamic University

Prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama ,vice president of the Research and Postgraduate Affairs, announced the launch of the Research Affairs' Cancer Research Chair. This chair is funded by the Committee of Charity and Help to the Palestinians | CBSP, Palestine-France.

Prof. Abdelraouf reports that the Cancer Research Chair seeks to find natural alternatives for the chemicals used in treating cancer, provide laboratory diagnostic services in the field of cancer diagnosis and create an advanced research environment in the field of cancer science as well as develop early cancer diagnosis mechanisms and Anti-Cancer treatments. The chair seeks to create and develop new strategies to translate research results in order to improve the performance of existing medical centers in Palestine.

He also pointed out the need to establish this Chair grew from the increasing spread of cancer in Palestine in general and Gaza Strip in particular, as a result creating a necessity to provide effective methods for early diagnosis.

The results expected from the launch of the Cancer Research Chair is to contribute to the enrichment of specialized scientific researches in this area, improve the efficiency of current methods of diagnosis along with the development of chemical cancer treatments.