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The Research and Postgraduate Affairs organizes a meeting to introduce a program detecting similarities in researches and scientific articles

  • 09/05/2016

The Research and Postgraduate Affairs organizes a meeting to introduce a  program detecting similarities in researches and scientific articles

The Research and Postgraduate Affairs organized a meeting to determine the fittings needed to initiate the Turnitin Program which  detects similarities in researches and scientific articles with the presence of Prof. Adel AwadAllah, president of the university, his vice presidents and the deans of the faculties.

   Prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama, vice president of the Research and Postgraduate Affairs, welcomed the university’s actions towards improving the quality of the student’s scientific researches and theses through detecting similarities. As well as improving student's scientific research writing and avoid making mistakes in order to come out with solemn researches.

    The Research and Postgraduate Affairs, through Mr. Bilal Aburas, made a presentation on the working mechanism of the program, how to deal with research papers and read the results that show the similarities from different resources. Mr. Aburas highlighted the options offered by the program for the supervisors and students to control the degree of similarity in researches and to except the resources of these similarities. In addition, he pointed to the tools the supervisor can use to provide the students with improvements on their researches.

 During the meeting, the Research and Postgraduate Affairs' plan to apply the Turnitin program through a number of stages was presented. The first stage is to start with developing students' and supervisors' ability to deal with the program. Furthermore, Mr. Aburas mentioned that the next stage will focus on making the program available to all researchers at IUG in order to examine their research papers and theses to improve their research work.

   The software of the Turnitin program allows the supervisors to scan the works submitted by students, making sure all the resources listed in the research document are accurate and not copied from other researchers. In addition, this program compares the student’s research to other researches using a huge database which is constantly updated to keep up with the global database and millions of WebPages. Moreover, the Turnitin program uses and supports more than 30 languages.