Requests to publish research in the university journal

The university journal is divided into five peer-reviewed scientific journals which are: the Islamic University Journal of Islamic Studies , the Islamic University Journal of Economics and Management , the Islamic University Journal of Natural Studies and Engineering , the Islamic University Journal of Humanities, and the Islamic University Journal of Education and Psychology Studies.

Requests for a scientific upgrade

Each faculty member, particularly assistant professors or associate professors, has the right to apply for promotion to a higher rank within the period of six months prior to the elapse of the legal time period required to earn the higher rank and provided that he meets the legal conditions required for earning such a rank.

If the upgrade procedures are effected prior to the expiry of the legal period, the effective date of the upgrade to the higher rank shall be the date of expiry of the legal period, taking into account the terms of other job promotion regulations ...

  Participation in scientific conferences

In line with the keenness of the university to support the research practices of the university faculty members, each faculty member shall have the right to attend two scientific conferences each academic year. participation charges for one of the two conferences shall be covered by the university , while charges of the other conference shall be covered by the researchers who hold a doctoral degree. Researchers who have a professor's rank have the right to attend two conferences each academic year, the charges relating to the two conferences shall be covered by the university.

The University Research Grant Program

The university research grant program, which was introduced in 2002, comes as part of the efforts made by the faculty of scientific research affairs to enhance the quality of research practices among faculty members to support the cultural role of the university as an incubator for outstanding scientific research , and to expand the scope of its participation and impact on the environment and the Palestinian community. It also aims to encourage creativity and innovation in scientific research to contribute to sharing knowledge, facilitate scientific and intellectual development, and provide solutions to the various problems of the community

The Research Team Grant Program

The Scientific Research Affairs launched the research team grant program in 2012 which is primarily awarded to faculty members who manage to work together on a specific subject which falls in their direct interests and research preferences. It also depends on the progress made in a research program which is implemented in consecutive phases and generates outcomes relating to more than one research , it actually aims to contribute to validating certain cognitive concepts or addressing a community problem which needs to be examined through what has been known as lengthy studies.

Sabbatical leave

Each faculty member deserves a sabbatical leave, including assistant professors, associate professors, and professors, which is fully paid over a period of one year or per one semester for each 7 years of actual service, taking into account the terms of other promotion regulations.


Application form for the university award for scientific research

Since 2005, the Islamic University has been granting awards to honor outstanding researchers from the faculty, namely three awards each year . By granting the award, the university aims to encourage and support researchers in the Islamic University to conduct authentic, effective and outstanding research. It also aims to enhance further investigation and exploration in addition to direct handling of development issues facing the community and promote the culture of scientific research in all aspects of the educational process.

Application form for the university award for outstanding research and master's thesis dissertations:

Since 2007, the Scientific Research Affairs Faculty in the university has been granting awards for outstanding research and graduation thesis dissertations. The award comes as part of the university's pursuit to support scientific research , and encourage graduates to pursue their research efforts . The award aims to support and encourage graduate students at the Islamic University to conduct outstanding research, thus contributing to advancing science and community development.


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