The Islamic University – Gaza (IUG) is an independent, academic and higher education institution which functions under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. IUG is a member of the Arab Universities Union, Islamic Universities Association, Mediterranean Universities Association and the International Union for Universities; it also has cooperative links and relationships with numerous Arab and international universities.

The Islamic University of Gaza provides a modest academic climate for research and participates in the progress of the local community by using its web services to serve a wide range of students and academics. Such a fame has been earned as a result of the continuous efforts made since its foundation in 1978 , where the university has been able to graduate a number of students with highly efficient knowledge and education, hence the university was able to gain a high reputation nationally and internationally.

The Islamic university garners ten faculties: Medicine , Nursing , Engineering , Information Technology , science , Commerce , Education , Arts , Sharia and Law , and Religious Foundations. These faculties include over 40 academic departments which cover a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, scientific research , and student projects . Research conferences and research papers have been published to maintain the scholarly production and ensure availability of these resources for all those interested in pursuing further knowledge.