1.      Vision

Upgrading the university to become a leading research beacon and destination for graduate students and researchers, and an incubator for outstanding scientific research on the local and regional level

2.      Mission :

Enabling the Islamic University to meet the requirements of advanced scientific research in terms of cadres and research centers. As well as building partnerships and cooperation ties with local, Arab and international research institutions, and enhancing the strategic status of the university to fulfill its civilized mission with specific and clear performance standards.

3.      Objectives :


The Research and Postgraduate Affairs seeks to enhance the Islamic University's research status through the second, third and sixth objectives in the university's strategic plan to upgrade its scientific research and activities. As well as invest and support these researches to achieve sustainable development.  The faculty also seeks to achieve the following goals:

1. Promote the faculty members' and students' scientific research culture.

2. Develop the scientific research database and system infrastructure.

3. Enhance partnership ties and promote fundraising activities locally and internationally.

4. Contribute to determining the needs of the local community and addressing its issues.

5. Contribute to building a knowledge database in various fields.

6. Ensure the quality of scientific researches and enhance its ethics.

                Guidelines to Reviewers