Summary of the research project:

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the martyr leader, had a significant impact on the religious, social , political, educational and jihadi life of Palestinians, he had been always looked upon as a symbol of Jihad in the nation and cherished by the Arabs, Muslims and the free world everywhere. Those interested in the field of historical research and especially those who knew him closely should be interested in writing his biography and collecting his speeches, words, interviews, documents, photographs and statements of his contemporaries, and compiling them in a comprehensive book for the present and future generations to read and learn from his experiences, so they do not forget or miss an important part of our bright history.

The research team " faithful historians " will research this great work , they will compile all documents , photographs, speeches, words, press statements and private and public media interviews, as well as the statements of people and individuals who knew him closely, and use such precious documentation  in writing a Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's biography which is going to be scientifically and professionally documented , afterwards the researchers will show  a documentary to the children , and ensure our history is not forgotten by the younger generations. Researchers interested in the production of further research and studies will be able to rely upon such endeavors when writing the contemporary Palestinian history .

This great work will feature in the first volume the life of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from the moment of his birth to martyrdom, while the second volume will be devoted to private and public interviews with the Sheikh, speeches, words and testimonies of his contemporaries , the third volume shall contain documents and images relating to Sheik Ahmed Yassin during the different stages of his life.

The objectives of the research project :

- The production of a comprehensive book highlighting glimpses about the life of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and combining a sense of originality and comprehensiveness.

- Writing is an important aspect of our bright Palestinian history, it protects it from oblivion or loss and helps us avoid any loss of documentary elements or the death of witnesses in the future

- To provide a unique experience which can be inspiring to the coming generations in the aspects of patronage , education , patience and Jihad .

- To write the history of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from the eyes of contemporary historians who are qualified enough and close to the deceased Sheikh. The value of this study lies stems from the significance of coming up with a more accurate and closer narrative that sticks as much as possible to the truth, this realm has been sought by researchers in the field of history.

- To encourage pupils to shed light on the martyrdom and life of the leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, by their own selves because they are the carriers of this  history and their narrative shall be a key touchstone for foreign historians and others.

- To write the history of the Sheikh shortly after his death which is better than delaying the process of writing the biography to later stages, as witnesses are alive to date and the documents are still available.

- To pay the tribute to a man who dedicated his life for serving his people, religion and his cause, he was able in spite of his physical disability to keep the cause of Islam and Palestine alive in the hearts of the Palestinians and muslims everywhere.



Research Methodology:

1 - The team will compile what came in the Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's interviews with various television and radio channels and scientific research centers to be documented in writing, The lengthy history shall be documented by the Palestinian documentation center which is headed by the team leader and including other members in the board of directors .

2 – Testimonies about the Sheikh shall be collected by the center while more interviews will be conducted with people who were close to him , thereafter television interviews shall be gathered in a sequence of articles to ensure easy access during the process of writing the research.

3 - Speeches and interviews of the Sheikh with TV channels shall be collected from the testimonies of those interested in history and the archives of the documentation center, they will be then type-up.

4 – The team will be communicating with various organizations and personalities that are expected to keep a record of the documents and photographs of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin which are also essential for the book.

5 – All the statements made by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in the newspapers and magazines will be collected to make sure everything is being covered during the process of writing his biography.

6 – The team members will set a work plan covering the biography of the Sheikh from the moment of his birth until his death , the items and topics will be shared with the members of the plan team so that each member can fulfill his duties after conducting a scientific, critical and common examination of the collected material.

7 - The first part of the book will be dedicated to the biography of the Sheikh from the moment of his birth until his death , the second part will be contain an overview about the Sheikh's speeches and words , whereas the third part shall contain the documents, photographs, testimonies and the views of his contemporaries.


The contribution of the research in addressing the community issues or developing knowledge:

The research shall contribute to the following :

1 - Reviving the spirit of jihad and keeping the national audience enlightened about the biography of the Sheikh and his efforts, struggle and martyrdom in spite of his poor.

2 - The scholars, intellectuals and young people will find the biography of the martyr Sheikh an inspiring example for them to follow in the aspects of ​​giving, patience, jihad and sacrifice, thus contributing to creating a defiant and struggling generation of scientists and intellectuals.

3 - The book will ensure that a record of the incidents is properly documented and that an important part of the history of Jihad in Palestine is exposed to the people, including the impact and essence of the experiences and lessons learned across generations in order for them to be able to rectify their course .

4 - This work will contribute to setting the right path to victory, liberation and empowerment.

5 – The nations are keen to pay much focus to its present and future in order for  the coming generations to be able to learn good lessons and provide their children with a detailed record about the life of these heroes so that they can also follow their path. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is a greatly influential leader not only in Palestine , but also among the generations of other nations, hence it is an imperative to write his history with finite details and make sure this work is completed to the end stages in order for the generations to learn in the best possible way and remember such heroes as a living symbol and role model for all the coming generations.