Description of the research project

Gaza is suffering from serious economic problems due to the occupation , siege, lack of resources and participation of the private sector and poor economic performance , such factors have all led to increasing poverty and unemployment rates to reach unprecedented levels, thus making the government in the Gaza strip unable to address this issue alone.

Researchers in this research team attempt to study many of the economic indicators, particularly the problems of poverty and unemployment in terms of causes and effects , further they seek to raise proposals , policies, and ways of treatment based on an achievable scientific model.

The project helps the research team to apply for international research projects such as Tempus, FP7 and others , in collaboration with international researchers in other international projects that are funded by the Mediterranean basin countries . It also contributes to furthering the specialization of researchers in areas of concern to the Palestinian community in particular and the international community in general . It also contributes to increasing the capacity of the research team to create external research partnerships .

The main outputs of the project include:

1 - Two research papers are expected to be published in the first year , the first one will be dealing with unemployment and its causes and implications. While the second research will be related to poverty and its causes and effects on the Palestinian community.

2 – In the second year, the team is expected to set up a scientific model demonstrating the accurate mechanisms for the treatment of the problem of unemployment by initiating cooperation between the government and the private sector, the private sector and donors , the team also seeks to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and providing a scientific practical document including all the mechanisms proposed for addressing the problem.

3 – In the third year, the role of the Islamic approach will be explored in regard to addressing the poverty problem in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular.


Background of the research project:

Some researchers through some local conferences had already conducted some studies regarding the topics of poverty and unemployment in the Gaza strip.

There are also some studies made by the United Nations in regard to addressing the problem of poverty by forming partnerships in addition to a study made by the Institute of Development Studies in the Gaza strip on the same topic.

However, these studies did not further investigate the real reasons or ways to address the problems of poverty and unemployment in the Palestinian territories . Here comes the role of researchers within the research team, where they engage in using accurate data and try to identify ways to sort out this crisis in order to serve the Palestinian National Authority in the Gaza strip and the Palestinian territories in general.