1 - Research abstract:

Maths and science books will be assessed from the first to the tenth grade , where 20 books will be analyzed to determine the shortcomings, therefore two researchers will strive to achieve this goal and prepare the research tools related to the analysis of questionnaires and interviews with teachers , supervisors and experts in the field until the areas which need to be modified or improved are identified, afterwards the team will provide its conceptual framework regarding the improvement of the contents of Maths and Science subjects in the elementary stage in order to improve and develop these two subjects in the future. Assessment is a key step for development.


1 - Research objectives :

- To familiarize with the current status of maths and science textbooks.

- To identify the scientific contents in maths and science subjects by analyzing the content.

- To identify the views of the supervisors regarding the strengths and weaknesses in these textbooks .

- To know the views of the experts regarding the quality of these textbooks.

- To come up with conceptions and proposals for developing the maths and science textbooks from the first to the tenth grade.


1 - Background of the research project:

A lot of previous studies had been conducted in relation to the current subject , but these studies have only dealt with some parts of the classroom textbooks, nevertheless they did not review the textbooks in the elementary stage as a whole or in a comprehensive manner. The results of these studies focused on partial components of the textbooks, therefore this project was launched to deal with the Palestinian curriculum from the first to the tenth grade in the Palestinian schools. The number of books that has been reviewed reached 40.


1 - Research Methodology:

- The descriptive analytical method will be used to determine the strengths and weaknesses in the contents of mathematics and science curriculum by analyzing he contents and diagnosing the phenomenon by way of gathering the opinions of teachers, supervisors and experts.


- Study tools will be designed by checking the reliability and validity of  such tools after reviewing the relevant education literature

- The selected study sample will contain a set of textbooks (40 textbooks ) and a number of community representatives including the teachers, supervisors and experts.

-  Workshops will be held for experts and supervisors to exchange ideas about these two tracks and come up with results and recommendations regarding some of the current research topics .

- The tools will be applied on the sample project , then the results were analyzed and explained.

- A conceptual view will be agreed upon regarding the development of those textbooks.


1 - The contribution of the research in regard to addressing the issues of the community or the development of knowledge:

1 . This project will contribute to the development of math and science textbooks, this will help in improving the level of students and hence promoting the community

2 . To contribute to coming up with perceptions regarding the Palestinian situation and ways to improve it .

3 . This work is an attempt to overcome the obstacles facing the Palestinian society as a result of teaching the current curriculum .