Research abstract:

Traffic accidents are considered a key cause of death in the world, such accidents result in the killing of over a million people each year and almost over three million disabilities according to the World Health Organization.

Over 2,000 traffic accidents occur in the Gaza Strip each year leading to about 50 deaths , these figures reflect the wide range of risks associated with traffic accidents .

In this research, we will examine the mechanisms of registering traffic accidents in Palestine , and identify the most important factors affecting the traffic accidents in the Palestinian community to develop a comprehensive program which can perform tasks such as archiving and analysis of traffic accidents and link them to geographic information systems. We will also proceed with the implementation phase in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

The research aims to transform the theme into a process where it can be adopted by the official organizations by holding workshops to discuss the research concept and its relevant definition, as well as orienting the staff about such concepts by designing training programs on how to handle the process and share the experience with the other staff members

The most significant outcomes are the statistical research results demonstrating the most crucial statistical data which can be of interest to the decision-makers and researchers in traffic and road safety fields, where such statistics can function as factors behind the causes of traffic accidents and identify the places where traffic accidents are most likely to occur and the mechanisms through which to improve traffic safety on the road .

A website for the traffic safety will be developed and the most significant research findings will be presented on an instant basis , the culture of traffic safety has to be enhanced and supported in the Gaza Strip .

Work on this research shall begin in the Gaza Strip first, we shall communicate the experience to the researchers and experts in the west bank after the successful completion of the research work in the Gaza Strip





Research objectives:

- To upgrade the traffic accidents data registration system in Palestine .

- To develop the components of the traffic accidents registration model in Palestine .

- To develop a computerized system for documenting and registering incidents and linking them to geographic information systems .

- To provide the stakeholders with the information to support the decision-making process.

- To make sure the results are available to researchers, specialists and stakeholders .



Background about the research proposal: (the previous work carried out in this area and the contribution that this research will be making in this regard) :

With the advent of the Palestinian National Authority , the proportion of traffic incidents has steadily increased in the Gaza strip, meanwhile the process of scientific research emerged in the Gaza Strip to explore the causes of traffic accidents (Al Sarraj, 2001) and examine the behavior of road motorists and its impact on traffic accidents , the study concluded that the sudden rise in the number of vehicles was not accompanied by an adequate understanding of the traffic laws by the ordinary citizens, therefore we need to raise the awareness of citizens to be able to reduce traffic accidents

In 2007 , through the funding received from the deanery of scientific research, the first statistical report regarding traffic accidents was issued in the Gaza Strip (Al Sarraj, 2007). This report contained considerable and useful statistical data regarding road and traffic situation in various areas of the Gaza strip, further a chapter was dedicated to address safety on the road and statistics related to traffic accidents in the Gaza Strip .

Many studies were later conducted, where (Al Jamasi, 2007) used geographic information systems in the analysis of traffic accidents, the research also indicated the significance of integrating the geo-spatial data when analyzing the road accidents by geocoding the accidents and identifying the black spots which witnessed the highest number of incidents in order to adopt the best engineering measures to reduce the occurrence of these incidents through a case study that was conducted in Gaza city in Palestine and Grenoble city in France . (Imran et al , 2007) analyzed the traffic accidents in Rafah city using the geographic information systems from 2003 to 2006.

(Al Jamasi, 2005 ) utilized one GIS specialized program in the analysis of road accidents CONCERTO , where this research proved the significance of using such programs to identify the places where road accidents are most likely to occur and easily and appropriately submit queries regarding accidents data, such findings led to adopting the appropriate engineering measures to reduce road accidents in these areas.

In a master's thesis dissertation which is currently under review,  (Al-Astal, 2012 ) conducted a study on traffic accidents in Gaza city, where the study indicated several  reasons behind the occurrence of traffic accidents which adversely affect the level of road safety in the Gaza Strip .


Research Methodology: (how to plan to address the problem of the research , and the strategy to be followed in the study)

• Defining the number of previous studies in this area

• Conducting an assessment of the current system by the competent authorities such as the police , municipalities and the ministry of transport by designing workshops, questionnaires and interviews

• Developing the current traffic accidents registration model to be consistent with the Palestinian situation and the scientific registration entities.

 • Computerization of the forms and linking them to the geographic information systems.

• Designing training courses on how to handle the developed system and receiving feedback and suggestions from the users.

• Developing and  computerizing the reports after the data is entered into the system (police, insurance, transport) .

• Entering data of the last ten years into the traffic accidents program.

• Processing and analyzing the recorded data , and developing a statistical system to obtain the most significant statistics which are of interest to the police, ministries, and all the relevant parties.

 • Disseminating the results through scientific papers , workshops, publications, press reports and television programs .

• Developing a website to instantly browse the updated results .

• Applying such experience in other parts of Palestine





The research contributed to addressing the issues of the community or the development of knowledge (the extent to which the research addresses the needs of the community and the possibility of implementing the results within the local organizations or contributes to the methodical authentication of knowledge)

• Addressing an important issue which is saving the life of the Palestinians who constitute our greatest human asset by minimizing and reducing traffic accidents which are deemed as one of the major causes of death in the world. Also, some traffic accidents result in permanent disabilities for some people.

• Contributing to providing data and studies required by the fieldworkers, as such field lacks sufficient research and statistics.

• Facilitating the duties of the police and other  relevant authorities by using the form which is expected to be developed .

• Building the capacity of a number of police officers and other relevant parties to be able to record and reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents based on scientific grounds to help examine and analyze traffic accidents