University Award for Scientific Research

The university research grant, which was introduced in 2002, comes as part of the efforts made by the scientific research affairs faculty to enhance the quality of research practices among faculty members to support the cultural role of the university as an incubator for outstanding scientific research , and to expand the scope of its participation and impact on the environment and the Palestinian community. The award is intended to honor the researchers at the university in recognition of their efforts and scientific research during the past three years.
Objectives of the Award:
1. To encourage and support researchers in the Islamic University to conduct authentic, specialized and outstanding research.
2. To activate investigation and exploration and direct handling of the developmental problems facing the community.
3. To promote a culture of scientific research among all the components of the educational process.

Award types:
This award is given on an annual basis, it includes the following three specializations:
1. The Islamic University Award for Scientific Research in Islamic Studies.
2. The Islamic University Award for Scientific Research in the Humanities.
3. The Islamic University Award for Scientific Research in Natural, Engineering and Health Sciences.

Application conditions:
1. The candidate has to be a staff member of the Islamic University and localized on a permanent contract.
2. He should have provided valuable services to the science community during the previous three years, he should have provided his services during his tenure at the Islamic University, or during a sabbatical leave or research visits conducted abroad while still working at the Islamic University.
3. The scientific production submitted to the award has to include either individual or jointly published research or research approved for publication in scientific journals, as well as the research provided for conferences, scientific seminars, and specialized workshops, in which the researcher participated as a lecturer, in addition to the patents, published books that enhance science and knowledge, translated books, investigations regarding the rare manuscripts, and technical reports submitted to official bodies or civil community organizations.
4. The number of research productions provided should not be less than three in the last three years.
5. The research production should not have been submitted in partial fulfillment of a degree (Master's or PhD) for the researcher, professors who supervised graduation thesis dissertations submit the research compiled from such research productions if  they have been published jointly with the author in scientific journals.
6. The winners of these awards may not reapply for the award only unless five years from the date of their receipt of the award have elapsed,  they have to submit a new research work. Those who were not so lucky in previous times  will be allowed to re-submit their research provided that the submitted research is new. Those who were given another scientific award may apply for the Islamic University award by introducing a new set of research productions.

Winners of the University Award for Scientific Research in 2012-2013


Name of the winning scholar

Type of the award

A/P Kamal Ahmed Ghoneim

The Islamic University Award for Scientific Research in Humanities

Dr. Taher Mohammed Al A'jez

The Islamic University Award for Scientific Research in Natural Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences.