1 - Research abstract:

The interest of the world at the present time is focused on preserving the environment and lives of community members on the earth, such a focus has been the driving force toward examining the most significant scientific phenomena and applications by most studies and research productions.

It is noted that the rapid developments taking place in the world in terms of population growth and the steady increase in the number of people in addition to the energy crisis and the problems of pollution caused by waste water, solid waste and depletion resulting from the overconsumption of energy resources and its negative effects on the environment , have all lured the attention of various world countries.

As part of the university's keenness to earn a reputable ranking among the other universities in the world in regard to the concept of sustainable development , the subject of this research will focus on the first indicator, sustainability concept, by providing energy, and the fifth indicator by recycling solid waste and wastewater treatment to reduce the negative impact on the surrounding environment . The research group seeks to attract international experience and rely on human and scientific strengths of the Islamic University academics, students, and alumni for the purpose of raising  environmental awareness and knowledge within the university and the Palestinian community as well . The research project will address the following areas:

- Desalination of water using nanotechnology and drawing comparisons between the used technology and the technology that is currently used in the market.

 - To find economically feasible methods to address wastewater reuse within the university.

- To recycle and re-use solid waste in many areas, including organic manure : in the field of water desalination.

 - To use renewable energy (such as solar energy) to nurture environmental research , for instance, water desalination and wastewater treatment


1 - Research objectives :

- To find solutions to some environmental problems within the framework of the sustainability concept, such as desalination of water and treatment of wastewater, solid waste and noise.

- To take advantage of alternative energy and conservation measures .

- To raise awareness about the concepts of sustainability on both the university and community level.

- To create a spirit of initiative for launching entrepreneurial projects and ensuring their sustainability.

- To initiate and encourage sustainable research.

- To create an interactive environment encompassing local and international experts in the field of sustainability


1 - Background of research proposal: ( the previous work which was carried out in this area and the contribution this research will be making) :

The project is intended to develop the project of sustainable environment components within the university which are as follows:

• To find and conduct experiments in the field of development and implementation of modern and economically feasible desalination technologies such as nanotechnology , which will supply drinking water to the university. This technology has been recently introduced on the global level and managed to yield promising results, and it will be used in Palestine for the first time. The use of such technology will be developed to desalinate the saline and undrinkable municipal water that is supplied to the university. This will be compared with the technologies used locally in many different aspects , such as the technical quality of produced quantities, economic feasibility and environmental impact.

• To find ways to address economical re-use of wastewater within the university; the Gaza strip is suffering from severe shortage of water resources and poor performance of wastewater treatment plants as a result of lack of absorption capacity to allow the volumes to be processed . This project contributes to discussing the best ways to address and take advantage of the wastewater on the organizational or small communities level and thereby reduce the consumption of water sources and reduce the demand on treatment plants.

In the area of ​​waste recycling: lack of programs led to the development of an integrated solid waste sector to address the health and environmental problems. Therefore, the study aims to identify the composition and quantities of the solid waste within the university by examining the most suitable ways to achieve the greatest benefit through proper management of solid waste sector within the university. We will discuss in this research ways to benefit from waste through reducing and re-using waste production and looking into the possibility of recycling waste and the appropriateness of organic waste to produce Dubal (organic fertilizer) .

In the area of renewable energy and in particular (solar energy) : This kind of energy is available in Palestine, but we are not capable of using this energy in comparison with the other advanced countries in an optimal manner to ensure proper use of this energy for creating a clean environment . In addition there is a lack of research in renewable energy in the Palestinian universities . The project will provide energy for research projects that were mentioned earlier, such as desalination and wastewater treatment.


1 - Research Methodology ( how to plan to address the problem of the research , and the strategy to be followed in the study)

The project will be implemented in several phases over the coming three years to address the areas of sustainable environment within the university, these areas are as follows:

1 . Desalination :

- To design a desalination unit and conduct a laboratory experiment to assess its efficiency in order to achieve optimal competency .

- Setting up a desalination system on the second floor of the Administration Building.

- Connecting the system with the renewable energy unit which will be designed through this project

2 . Wastewater Treatment:

- The second phase treatment of sewage generated by the university buildings has undergone some changes during the research .

- Design and implement a program to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of treatment in order to reach the optimal situation.

- Research and implement ways to use treated water for irrigation of green spaces in the university.

3 . Recycling:

- Design and create a mini-model for filtering and recycling solid waste generated by the university.

 - Conduct research for determining the maximum benefit of recycled waste in the field of power or gas generation.

- Discuss the possibility of sharing the results of the experiment to be used on a larger scale and to benefit from the experience in publishing further research.

4 . Renewable Energy:

 - Design and create a model for generating energy from the sun and the gases emitting from the solid waste and wastewater .

 - Assess energy needs required for operating a desalination and processing unit.

- Initiate research for determining the maximum utilization of renewable energy generation system and discuss the possibility of sharing the results of the experiment to be used on a larger scale and to benefit from the experience in publishing further research.



1 – The contribution of the research in addressing the issues of the community or the development of knowledge (the extent to which the research is relevant to the needs of the research community and the possibility of applying the results within local institutions or its contribution to sharing and authenticating knowledge)

The project will contribute to finding solutions to environmental problems which seem to be different and complicated in the Gaza strip, such problems include alternative sources of drinking water and wastewater treatment, re- use and recycling of solid waste and finding renewable sources of energy. The university will be the optimal sustainable environment model, afterwards the experiment will be circulated at a broader level , including governmental and non- governmental organizations and then to the local community. The local community will be involved in the sustainable environment research by accessing specialized webpages on the Islamic university website that are administered by the sustainable environment team and friends.