1 - Research objectives:

- The research aims to protect the Palestinian youth who are heavily engaged in the use of virtual environments for social networking – acquiring knowledge about social networking - without caring about the risks associated with the indifference of youth in general and the Palestinian youth in particular, this protection is required in two aspects:

o The first aspect: raising community awareness among Palestinian groups in the community, and particularly the Palestinian youth regarding the importance of taking into account the security and privacy aspects while using social networking .

o The second aspect : the technical aspect is designed to protect the user of the social networks from the point of view of the social network user who has confidence in the existing networks , while privacy seems to be violated in such mediums

o This aspect depends on many tools such as

 Cookies, Profiles, Chatting Rooms, and Online games


1 - Background of the research project: (previous work which was carried out in this area and the contribution that this research will be making):

In the research [1], the two researchers tackled the problem of using self-replicating and hacking software in social networks. They examined the factors that lead to the increased spread of this software, as the most important factors can be attributed to being in contact with friends whose devices are infected with malicious software. While Jackson and others [2] highlighted the problem of privacy breach of internet browser users which usually happens by recording the visited websites, they also reviewed the several levels of cooperation between the various websites which keep track of the user's online activities and described such a practise as a breach of their privacy . In their study that was conducted on the types of attacks targeting users of login websites, such as social networking websites, the researchers [3] introduced a tool that can be installed on the user's computer to protect the privacy against this kind of attacks.


1 - Research Methodology (how to plan to address the problem of the research , and the strategy to be followed in the study)

The methodology which was used in this research and the actions taken to serve as a plan in place to address the problem of the research are as follows:

- To use a questionnaire in order to measure the extent of the Palestinian youth to realize the risks of virtual environments for social networking .

- To raise community awareness among the young people regarding the dangers of such networks and the precautions that must be taken to overcome this risk by launching workshops and local television programs in addition to disseminating brochures and raising awareness .

- The use of a questionnaire in order to measure the impact of community awareness to recognize risks facing the Palestinian youth regarding the use of social networks and precautions that must be observed when using such networks .

 - To study the work related to this area in order to protect the privacy of social networks users.

- The development of tested software tools – to be run by the user only

- To measure the effectiveness of the tools that have been developed to protect the young Palestinian users of social networks.

 - To write research which benefited from the efforts made for addressing the problem and publish the findings.


 1 – The contribution of the research in addressing the issues of the community or the development of knowledge ( the extent to which the needs of the community are relevant to the research findings and the possibility of applying the results within local organization or the contribution of this research in sharing and authenticating knowledge)

This research first contributes to protecting the privacy of Palestinian youth against their enemies who are ready at any time to cause harm to them

This research also contributes to the protection of the Palestinian culture from dissolving in global culture, sheds light on social networking and its role in spreading awareness about the Palestinian cause, and continues to create security groups among the Palestinian people and other nations of the world .

This research represents a sensitive issue for the Palestinian people and thus the results can be applied to all the categories using social networks on the individual and institutional level, thus preserving the Palestinian identity and heritage from vanishing, preventing the use of such networks , and enhancing communication security with the other world nations