The Research Team Grant Program

The Scientific Research Affairs launched the research team grant program in 2012 which is primarily awarded to faculty members who manage to work together on a specific subject which falls in their direct interests and research preferences. It also primarily depends on the progress made in a research program which is implemented in consecutive phases and generates outcomes relating to more than one research , it actually aims to contribute to validating certain cognitive concepts or addressing a community problem which needs to be examined through what has been known as lengthy studies.

The objectives of the grant :

The grant aims to achieve a number of key goals , including :

  1. To encourage the faculty members to work within a research team in order to achieve better results .
  2. To build the capacity of the research teams to be able to apply for international grants and enhance opportunities for building regional and global partnerships by the university.
  3. To build a new research system which can function as a startup project for future research centers.
  4. To improve the quality of research outputs based on the various experiences and contributions.
  5. To encourage the employment of master's students or undergraduates who are still in their last year of graduation .
  6. To provide an appropriate timeline for addressing any particular community problem.


Grant application requirements:

  1. The research team has to include at least three faculty members from the Islamic University.
  2. To assign tasks to the university students or graduates to conduct at least one research each year.
  3. To submit a research project including at least two research outputs to the grant program committee.
  4. The research proposal has to address an urgent community problem or authenticate knowledge.
  5. The research team has to be assigned a name and select a team coordinator with a professor's rank, if possible.
  6. The applicant should not be a principal researcher in the university research grant program.
  7. The researcher should not be a member in more than two research teams.
  8. The applicant should not be a member of one of the research teams that had previously received funding  .
  9. The research team can be re-awarded the grant which it had previously obtained after providing the necessary justifications.